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Car Cleaning Gel Kit Universal Detailing Automotive Dust | Review

PULIDIKI Car Cleaning Gel Kit Universal Detailing Automotive Dust Car Crevice Cleaner Slime Auto Air Vent Interior Detail Removal for Car Putty Cleaning Keyboard Cleaner Car Accessories Blue

Product Description:

Optimal Car Cleaning Solution: The PULIDIKI cleaning gel for car detailing is the perfect tool designed to effortlessly clean those hard-to-reach places in your vehicle, including air vents, steering wheel, console panel, storage bins, cup holder, door handles, and dashboard. A must-have car essential for both men and women who take pride in maintaining a spotless interior.

User-Friendly Application: Simplify your cleaning routine with the easy-to-use PULIDIKI cleaning gel. Push it into little cracks, press it onto surfaces, and watch as it effectively carries away dust and debris. Ideal for use on keyboards, simply press the cleaning putty slightly on the surface and pull out slowly to pick up dust. Note: Avoid washing the universal cleaning gel with water.

Car-Friendly Formula: Our high-tech cleaning compound gel is not only efficient but also car-friendly. With a sweet and lightly fragranced scent, the car cleaning kit is designed to easily pick up dust without causing harm to your vehicle. A cute and essential car accessory for both men and women, making it a must-have for your car detailing needs.

Reusable and Versatile: The PULIDIKI car detailing putty is reusable and can be used multiple times until it turns black. After use, store the car gel cleaner putty back in the jar and keep it in a cool, dry place. Avoid using the cleaning slime on cellphone screens or computer monitors.

Multiple Applications: This automotive dust cleaning gel is not limited to car interiors; it’s versatile enough for use in homes and offices. Use it for cleaning electronics, computer keyboards, laptops, cell phones, calculators, TV remotes, and furniture. Ensure the surface is water-resistant for optimal dust removal.

🎁 Perfect Car Care Gift: An ideal car essential for both men and women, the PULIDIKI car accessories make for perfect car care gifts. These cool and cute items are not just car necessities but also great gadgets for men and gifts for women. They also serve as excellent stocking stuffers for men, women, adults, and teens.

Customer reviews:

  1. Grace
    • “I bought this to help me keep my car clean from dust, crumbs, etc. While it does work on bigger crumbs and dust on smooth surfaces, it didn’t like to pick up the crumbs and dust in the smaller cracks or dust off the top of my dash (which is a more bumpy/rough/textured surface). Overall, the quality is okay. It is blue but doesn’t leave behind any blue on your car surfaces thankfully, it doesn’t smell bad, and it’s a pretty good size amount for what you pay. I just wish it could pick up more than it did for me.”
  2. ndcisiv
    • “I bought this over 6 months ago, stuck it on the shelf and forgot all about it. Finally saw it, pulled it out, and decided to see if it was any good. Took it out to a filthy car, did a normal dust and wipe as I would any time I clean up. Then took this and did all the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies to see how it performed. Wow! Saved me so much time from having to sit there with small rags, q-tips, and other smaller cleaning methods. I just smashed it, rolled it, really just played with it like a kid would some dough… it worked wonders. Kinda wish I wouldn’t have forgotten about it for so long. I’ll definitely keep using this and will repurchase happily in the future.”
  3. Jason Grimes
    • “The product works but could be stickier. It is easy to remove but I found myself reapplying several times in the same area. Also part of that is that the amount/size isn’t as large as what is pictured making it a bit harder to clean. I am guessing the pictures show at least two containers of product. Overall this stuff does what it is supposed to do.”
  4. Charles
    • “I got this to dust off LEGO that sat on the shelf a bit too long. It’s absolutely perfect to get between all the studs and small corners to remove 99% of dust. My only complaint is it smells like shaving foam and that’s just an ick for me.”
  5. Aoliverio
    • “I have added products like this to my cart several times and never checked out. I recently purchased a new Range Rover, and some of the buttons and knobs on the center console have inset displays. I was looking for something to keep dust from collecting there. This worked great, it also did a great job on the double display (with no residue) and on the leather portion of the steering column. I was a little worried it might leave a greasy residue on the leather or the display screens, just because of the moisture when you open the jar, however I was pleasantly surprised that it did not.”
  6. Yvonne
    • “The only thing that’s a bit disappointing is that it doesn’t pick up pet hair very well, but other than that it works on everything else. I have 3 dogs so it’s going to be a challenge keeping my car clean. 😂”
  7. Cody
    • “I like that the product does what it says it can do, but it can leave a little bit of residue behind, so be careful where you use it. Other than that – I liked this product quite well for the price point.”
  8. Laura
    • “It works! Make sure you don’t drag it or else it will leave streaks. Also smells like windex. Other than that gets the job done!”
  9. Joseph B. Deckard
    • “Picks up loose material, but still needs a little bit of a liquid cleaner and rag to get the normal smudges.”
  10. Jackie Brencic
    • “I have not used it in my car yet but used it on my laptop. It did its job but I had to go over and over the computer’s board before I could get it to pick up small crumbs, etc.”
  11. FRAN M
    • “Using on my computer keyboard for dust buildup.”
  12. Bigfoot
    • “I used this cleaning putty in my car the same day it arrived. It worked perfectly at getting dust & dirt out of all the small crevices around the switches & vents of my car. It can get into all those really small places that a vacuum or cloth cannot reach. I highly recommend it as a cleaning tool for your vehicle & home.”
  13. Merle Bullock Jr
    • “Works very well for all the hard-to-clean places in the car.”
  14. Amazon Customer
    • “Product information correct. Seems to be a great deal.”
  15. Amy B Daugherty
    • “I was very surprised this worked as well as it has. Maybe not for deep cleaning but definitely gets all the crumbs and yuk out of difficult places.”
  16. Mia B.
    • “If used consistently, it won’t last very long. Probably easier to clean with regular product. Kind of fun to use the putty though!”
  17. W. A.
    • “It sticks to surfaces really well, but leaves some residue. Also, maybe armor all is needed after cleaning an area with this because it absorbs all the shining of the vinyl materials.”
  18. Donna Mexicotte
    • “I couldn’t get anything to work on some residue that was on my keyboard. This was fantastic and took it right off! Can hardly wait to use it in my car!”
  19. Mike S.
    • “Not as easy to use, it wasn’t as good for cleaning as I thought it would be.”
  20. Mb00si
    • “This stuff is amazing! We are cleaning everything with this! Our car, our window sills and tracks, drawers, refrigerator cracks and crevices- it’s terrific!! You have to try it! We’ll be ordering more to give as gifts!”

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