Etekcity Luggage Scale, Digital Weight Scales for Travel

Etekcity Luggage Scale, Digital Weight Scales for Travel | Review

Etekcity Luggage Scale, Digital Weight Scales for Travel Accessories Essentials Suitcases , Portable Handheld Scale with Temperature Sensor, Rubber Paint, 110 Pounds, Battery Included

Product Description:

Introducing our travel-friendly luggage scale featuring a high-accuracy sensor and a rubber-textured handle surface. With a capacity of 110lb/50kg and a graduation of 0.1lb/50g, this scale is your perfect travel companion.

Avoid Overweight Fees: Hook your suitcase onto the scale for an instant weight check, saving you time before you wait in line. Say goodbye to unexpected overweight fees.

Built for Travel Convenience: Weigh your luggage before your journey and easily fit the scale into pockets without adding excessive weight. Travel smarter with our compact and portable design.

Thermometer Temperature Sensor: Equipped with a temperature sensor in both Fahrenheit (F°) and Celsius (C°), this scale ensures you know the climate your delicate luggage is experiencing, providing peace of mind.

Additional Features for Efficiency: Enjoy the convenience of tare and auto-off functions, preserving both time and energy. The scale also includes low battery and overload indicators, and it automatically locks weight results for easy reading.

Travel confidently with our reliable luggage scale – your go-to solution for precise weighing and avoiding unnecessary fees.

Customer reviews:

  1. Emily Elizabeth
    • “A Traveler’s Best Friend: Etekcity Luggage Scale Gets It Right”
    • “As someone who frequently travels for both work and leisure, I’ve been in more than one situation where I’ve found myself anxious about exceeding luggage weight limits. Enter the Etekcity Luggage Scale, a game-changer that has made my travel experience significantly less stressful…”
  2. Suresh Achar
    • “Handy traveller companion”
    • “I bought this as standby/replacement for a full-handle digital weighing scale which I have been using for about 5 years now whilst travelling across the world with my checked in and carry on bags…”
  3. Toni
    • “they must have a few are packing heavy.”
    • “I was taking an 11 day cruise to Alaska, and needed to be careful with the two pieces of carry-on with Weight. In the past, I have had to try and put my suitcase on the bathroom scale and it is always terrible…”
  4. Steve Medel
    • “Travel Smarter with the Etekcity Luggage Scale: Your Ultimate Travel Companion!”
    • “Are you tired of the stress and uncertainty of overweight luggage during your travels? Look no further than the Etekcity Luggage Scale—a game-changing travel essential that has revolutionized my packing experience…”
  5. VG
    • “Easy to use and accurate!!!”
    • “I didn’t know whether or not this would be accurate and took a chance on purchasing before a trip across the country. I weighed my bag and my boyfriend’s bag and hoped for the best…”
  6. P89ybb02
    • “Accurate, does not last long, takes some strength and height”
    • “Pros: Accurate enough to pass airline baggage weigh ins to the pound. Easy to use but takes some strength to lift 50 lb bags and you need to be tall enough to lift it and the suitcase off the ground to take a measurement…”
  7. Tina
    • “Your Ultimate Travel Companion – Portable, Precise, and Stress-Free!”
    • “The Etekcity Luggage Scale has become an essential addition to my travel essentials, and I couldn’t be happier with its performance and design…”
  8. Lindsey
    • “Must Have”
    • “Bought this in preparation of flying with a company that has a weight limit. I’m so glad I purchased this! It was very accurate and simple to use. It also gives you temperature readings which is a added (strange) bonus lol…”
  9. Placeholder
    • “Very accurate for hand-held device!”
    • “11-11-23: Purchased for trip to Las Vegas in September. Found Airline tickets at a very good price, however had to pay for checked bag which could not exceed 41 lbs. My luggage was shared with family member…”
  10. Cherise
    • “Worked as Advertised”
    • “Was a gift. Worked well, easy for men or women. Let my recipient know the bag was overweight before going to the airport to allow adjusting prior to leaving the hotel. The thermometer was peace of mind while traveling while Covid had an uptick before going to the airport…”
  11. Dee
    • “Love This Scale”
    • “We use this scale all of the time when we travel and when friends and family visit us and need to weigh their luggage. We put it in our carry-on, so we are able to weigh our luggage before the flight. The green is pretty, the scale is reliable, and it’s lightweight. You can also replace the battery which we haven’t had to do yet and we’ve used this scale a lot. I recently sent my sister the same one as a small gift.”
  12. P. Souza
    • “Luggage scale”
    • “Don’t be that person that has to unload items from your suitcase because it is overweight! Very simple, easy to use, and the rest of us will appreciate you have weighed your suitcase before getting to the counter.”
  13. CLD
    • “So glad I purchased this.”
    • “I purchased this scale to ensure we did not over pack for our recent International trip. I did not want to get to the airport & find our bags were over the maximum weight. This little item ensured we were under the weight restriction for each bag. Therefore, we were able to travel without extra baggage fees. I packed it in my carry on, so I was able to weigh our bags for the trip home. We were able to make certain our shopping didn’t tip the scales.”
  14. Red in Keds
    • “Just what I needed”
    • “Going on a long hike and need to make sure my pack doesn’t get too heavy. This scale works great and is easy to use.”
  15. SS
    • “Invaluable”
    • “It has saved my grand daughter many overweight baggage fees. It is small enough to pack with you and attractive.”
  16. Dave
    • “Must have for international travel”
    • “Life saver when traveling internationally with many domestic transfers. Saves time from trying to figure out if you went over the weight limit before going to the airport.”
  17. Jak Choudhury
    • “Excellent build quality and looks premium”
    • “Well you won’t need one until you do and try everything other method to weight your luggage! This is save you lots of headache. And what is good it is really very accurate. A must-have household item, unless you plan never to travel.”
  18. Kevin King
    • “Perfect for traveling”
    • “Love this device it’s perfect for my family and I as we travel A LOT! Knowing how much our luggage weighs before getting to the airport is a great blessing and saves embarrassment lol.”
  19. Olga Davalos
    • “Super useful”
    • “I brought this for a trip with my family and los we checked our bags at the airport and was true the measure.”
  20. Sadie OC
    • “If you’re a traveler, this is great!”
    • “This takes the guesswork out of packing. It made it so simple to weigh my suitcases. Just hook it on the suitcase handle and lift. It’ll show you the weight in a couple seconds.”

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