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riemot Luggage Travel Cup Holder | Review

riemot Luggage Travel Cup Holder Free Hand Drink Carrier – Hold Two Coffee Mugs – Fits Roll on Suitcase Handles – Gifts for Flight Attendants Travelers Accessories

Product Description:

Introducing the riemot Luggage Cup Holder for Suitcases: Unleash the Freedom to Travel Hands-Free! Traveling can be challenging, especially with kids, leaving you without a free hand to hold a drink. But fear not—with our suitcase cup holder, you can now conveniently carry two drinks.

Instant Convenience: Featuring three pockets, our cup holder provides instant accessibility. Safely stow your phones, passports, or small items in the back pocket, while the front two pockets comfortably hold two drinks for you.

Universal Compatibility: Designed to fit most roll-on suitcase handles, our cup holder ensures ease of use for every traveler. The magic tape allows for adjustable fitting to accommodate various luggage handles.

Built to Last and Easy to Clean: Crafted from premium oxford cloth, our luggage drink holder is wear-resistant, ensuring durability for your travels. Additionally, it is conveniently machine washable, making cleaning a breeze.

The Perfect Gift for Travel Enthusiasts: Whether you’re a frequent flyer, a business traveler, or a parent with kids, riemot’s cup holder is an ideal gift for anyone passionate about travel. A must-have accessory for airports or airplanes, this cup holder enhances the travel experience for all.

Customer reviews:

  1. A. D.
    • “Returning because it’s too big”
    • “I got the one without the hooks. And it’s too big for my luggage. But I will say the construction is excellent quality. I got the one that has the zippered compartment for the tablet. I took off a star because it doesn’t fit my luggage.”
  2. Christina
    • “Perfect Carry-on Item”
    • “Man, I officially love this item. I got so many compliments and shared the items several times at the airport my last trip. It is sturdy and easy to fit via Velcro around the carry on handles and help my Starbucks perfectly with no drips! I used the other slot for my phone and passport while boarding and deplaning to keep my second hand available. The material is sturdy, especially the Velcro. It folds down easy to place in a bag. It’s performance and design met all my needs while traveling.”
  3. Amazon Customer
    • “Great little gizmo for travel”
    • “Took this on a trip where I had a couple of layovers that lasted several hours. Balancing a coffee on top of my rolling carry-on is always dicey so now I know it will stay in place. One pocket for my water bottle, one for my coffee, and a narrow pouch in the back for my phone. I wouldn’t feel comfortable walking around with a drink in it that doesn’t have a sealed cap but for waiting in a seat for my plane connection, it is perfect. It velcros on in 2 seconds and then has another velcro tab for folding into a compact lightweight square when it’s time to get on the plane. Some ladies near me asked about it and ordered it on the spot for themselves and their daughters.”
  4. ShellinTX
    • “Cool idea”
    • “This just arrived haven’t had a chance to use it yet but looks like a cool feature. Fits two drinks, has a zipper pouch and another pocket on the back. Can’t wait to try this out on our next flight. I bought two versions and I think the one for iPad is better constructed. The animal print has one pocket and two drink holders but velcros between the drinks and that to me spells disaster. May be returning that one.”
  5. VolumeEquineMN
    • “Super helpful – wish I found this sooner!”
    • “I travel frequently for work, and this is a helpful little holder. It folds up small, and easily slides down the luggage handle. I put this holder on first facing opposite the luggage, then my computer bag second, sitting on the luggage outward. That way they are both attached and accessible. Plus love the pocket for my phone when I need to put it somewhere. Surprised how useful the drink holder is, wish I found it sooner!”
  6. MK
    • “Will make traveling easy”
    • “Definitely cute, sturdy, easy to use. I haven’t taken it on a trip yet, but I tried it on my suitcase and it seems like it’s going to work just great😍”
  7. Miss Maple
    • “Wonderful mobility scooter accessory!”
    • “I wish I had gotten this sooner. I was just about to order the cup only design for an upcoming trip when I noticed they had 2 bigger sizes. I saw the image for the kick scooter and couldn’t wait to try it with my scooter. It awkwardly accommodates two venti Starbucks cups but at least they can’t tip over and most drinks that I’m likely to carry would be smaller so it’ll be perfect. Anything bigger would probably be too big to keep smaller drinks upright. And it’s insulated!”
  8. Amazon Customer
    • “Won’t have so much to carry when at the airport”
    • “Won’t be using until next year. can’t wait”
  9. BJJones
    • “Great for the frequent traveler”
    • “This is a great invention! I wish I would have thought of it. All those times going through the boarding process juggling my phone, bag and coffee. No more! This holder is amazing to keep you organized, not drop everything and get through the airport and boarding process easily.”
  10. Eugene
    • “Suitcase bottle holder”
    • “Works great”
    1. AMiranda
      • “Held my full 30oz Stanley”
      • “Held my full water bottle and half full coffee cup – there are adjustments that can be made with the Velcro but I didn’t have time to figure that out just threw it on and filled it up! I was skeptical but love it!”
    2. K. Hankins
      • “Very helpful to get through the airport and even down the plane aisle with a drink”
      • “and even down the plane aisle with a drink”
    3. Angela
      • “A true holder worth every penny!”
      • “This works perfectly!!! I was able to move thru the airport without spilling my drink while running to my gate!!!”
    4. Amazon Customer
      • “Great for traveling”
      • “This is great for traveling it does keep your cups in place and it’s also a phone holder.”
    5. AKAjime
      • “Should have bought this sooner”
      • “No complaints- made our trip so much more pleasant having this for our carry-on luggage”
    6. Stacey P.
      • “Great item”
      • “Love it. Adjustable for one or two drinks (with lids). I use it all the time on my wheeled laptop bag for work.”
    7. Mindy J.
      • “Perfect for going to large book signings!”
      • “This was easy to add to my rolling cart for a full day of book signings. It kept my drinks and my extra pens and post-it notes handy. Everything was at the ready for me and kept my books safe from spills.”
    8. Debby
      • “Easy to use”
      • “Good quality”
    9. Beth E Staudt
      • “Great for airports”
      • “This was great for the airport for my last trip. It held both my coffee and water bottle. I’m buying them for gifts!”
    10. D Hall
      • “So handy!”
      • “I had been meaning to get something like this for a while, thinking how helpful it would be for travel (no cup holders in the armrests at the airport gates). Then it occurred to me that I should try it for my travel work bag. I’m having to lug lots and lots of stuff into the office, and I felt like my hands were always full. And apparently, I bring lots of beverage containers with me (morning tea, smoothie, water). This cup holder is a game-changer!


    • easy to slide over the telescoping handle
    • lightweight
    • it’s gray and black, which matches all of my black rolling bags
    • elastic at the top of each cup holder helps secure the bottle or mug


    • there is the potential for the cup to leak when you are moving the bag (angle + beverage cup = potential spill); luckily, I was using leakproof travel mugs
    • the item would have to be removed to put the telescoping handle all the way down, which could be tricky when trying to board a plane; do you take care of it at the gate, in which case you may be trying to manage a beverage and bags, or do you do it on the plane, irritating all of your fellow travelers? I haven’t figured this out yet, and it’s not an issue with my work bag. I just leave it on the handle.

    All in all, I highly recommend this item!

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